weClean Norge AS følger Folkehelseinstituttet retningslinjer og anbefalinger i tillegg til følgende sikkerhetsprotokoller for å holde våre ansatte og kunder trygge... les mer


weClean as a corporate body follows the National Institute of Public Health Guidelines And Recommendations. In addition, we have adopted the following safety protocols to keep our employees and customers safe: 

  • We update our employees with day-to-day information [FACTS] about the virus. 
  • We train our employees disinfect their hands before work and wear gloves to execute any cleaning tasks.
  • Our employees are instructed to carefully dispose of gloves after completing their cleaning tasks and wash their hands thoroughly with soap and under running water for at least 20 seconds.
  • We also  advise our employees to maintain social distancing anytime they are with people who are not their household members including colleagues and customers.
  • Our employees are encouraged to wear face masks when in public spaces like metros, buses, shopping malls etc.
  • Instead of alcohol-based sanitizers, WeClean has adopted the use of a WATER BASED sanitizer called AqtiVann which is universal, environmentally friendly with no or little side effect – see aqtivann.no for more details.
  • Any sick employee is encouraged to stay at home and subject themselves to relevant test(s).
  • All employees working and visiting our physical office also follow the above protocol including the measures operated in the office.


WeClean has partnered with leading industry-players to rapidly respond to Covid-19 pandemic. We deploy our experts to homes and businesses to carry-out disinfection and fogging with a pressure pumping machine called FOGGER, to ensure complete and active coverage of all surfaces leaving it inhabitable for Covid-19 and other pathogens. We use approved procedures and certified chemicals and adhere to the manufacturers’ user guide and ensure to:

  • check labels and be aware of potential hazards of each product 
  • avoid contact with eye and skin when handling disinfectants and other cleaning chemicals
  • avoid mixing different chemicals without proper due diligence
  • use in a well-ventilated area.

Our disinfecting teams are well trained, highly organized and very competent in INFECTION CONTROL. Clad in a well-fitted PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (disposable gloves, eye goggles and a medicated face mask, disposable long protective coverall), our team adheres to all Covid-19 disinfecting protocols and guidelines: 

  • Soiled and damaged gloves are removed and discarded and a new pair worn
  • Where possible, areas where the confirmed case has visited are sealed off until disinfection of the contaminated surfaces is completed
  • Equipment used in one room are disinfected before using in other rooms. The disinfecting equipment separated from other routine equipment  
  • Double-bag all materials for disposal (including rag, disposable gowns and gloves) and seal off with a cable tie. Wear a new pair of gloves whilst handling the bag 
  • After disinfection, waste disposal is done in accordance with approved regulations for the disposal of biohazardous waste     

All frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected with special cleaning paper and AqtiVann. This includes among others:

  • Desktop and all work surfaces
  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Light switches (including dimmers) 
  • Computer monitors, keyboards and mice
  • Telephone equipment
  • All chairs and armrests
  • Canteen tables and chairs, crockery trays and kitchen areas
  • Water fountains, drink dispensers and vending machines
  • Lifts and their doors and buttons
  • Deep cleaning of walls, toilets and all corners of the entire place

After this our experts then check and clean any drips of the AqtiVann, leaving the place safe and ready to use. 


  • Arrange for covid-19 test for all employees periodically
  • Encourage all employees to get vaccinated
  • Encourage our customers, industry players and the government to perform disinfection where necessary at regular times.
  • Encourage employees to ensure personal hygiene
  • Encourage all employees to avoid the use of jewelries to prevent them from being used as habitat for viruses.

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